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About Us

Our History
Bassett Realty was founded in 1975 by my father, Gene Bassett, as an independent real estate service company.  At the time, the industry was dominated by the major companies and Gene competed on price and service, a new concept then, and has since helped consumers by giving them greater choices to help their real estate needs.

For nearly 40 years now, Bassett Realty has thrived by relying on its values: integrity, hard work, and excellent service that has resulted in over 90% of our business coming from referrals or repeat business.  By choosing to work with Bassett Realty, you will be getting access to the best of services available, including closers we have worked with for over 30 years, the best real estate photographer in the Twin Cities, and professional staging companies.  We also are experts in negotiations and marketing.

Our Philosophy
In our experience, purchasing a home is most wisely approached with a healthy dose of patience.  We believe that – in what is often the largest and most important purchase an individual or family makes – balancing market knowledge with patience is the best approach. We want our clients to become knowledgeable buyers in the market in which they are looking; we seek to educate clients on individual market variations and guide them with context. Purchasing a home is among the most serious commitments an individual can make, and our experience shows that coupling market knowledge and context from methodically shopping the market yields the best decision making, financially sustainable transactions and ultimately, buyer satisfaction. One abiding principle of ours is always to do right by our client – that single principle has a great deal to do with 40 years’ of referrals and repeat business for us.

Our Method
From the basis of the history that Gene Bassett built in a career’s worth of learning and experience, we approach each client’s characteristics, financial situation and desires individually. We place strong emphasis on understanding the psychology of buyers and sellers; properly assessing the personalities and motivations of each party can mean the difference between a successful negotiation which yields the best deal for a buyer and a stressful negotiation which leaves everyone with a bad taste in their mouth. We are masterful negotiators, and there is huge value in this for our clients. By acting as an informed intermediary, we can make clear-headed, objective recommendations and analyses, which drastically reduce the stress experienced by our clients throughout a complicated process.

Real Estate is equal parts art and science, and at Bassett Realty, we take great pride in performing for our clients in a skillful and artful way. We are hugely proud of our history of success, and count many clients among our personal friends. Thorough client satisfaction is a great measuring stick by which we judge our performance, and our history demonstrates we take the right approach.